7 years is a lifetime online

What started with a simple site redesign is now a flagship client. We're on our 7th version of the website and this one is here to stay. As well as providing front-end and print, we now work on development, strategy and marketing; a pleasure. 


Aloyd Fitness has 3 types of customers. Retail, commercial and vendors. Appealing to all three firstly was approached by making three sites with one design in mind. It seemed the most logical. It had a dramatic increase in online traffic and good reviews, but fast forward 4 years; the solution was simple. One site that is so well rounded that whomever the visitor, it speaks to them. 


The Site

We went with a Magento shop modified to be a catalogue and when eCommerce is put on the table we simplly turn-on the add-to-cart feature like a light switch. That's what I call hitting the ground running. 


Aloyd is a premier company and we should represent that through the material we put out into the world. The design evolved whilst maintaining the brand through one shade of read and the trusted logo. Everything else changed. 


2008 - 2013