Work Less, Play More

With productivity tools it becomes more a hassle with the learning curve. I've gone through the "treat my new iPhone as a time-killer" stage and some gems of apps make life easier affording us some independence from our mobile.

I'm on Wordpress. Now what? Pt. 1

I’m going to be walking you through some steps and recommendations which will make your Wordpress site secure, current and user-friendly. This will be a three part post starting with Getting Started, moving onto Design and Functionality, and finally, Converting.


Evernote is quite perfect. At its core it's a notepad which is stripped down. Auto save/sync to their website, desktop app and phone in seconds is what makes it convenient.

Moo Cards

When we asked ourselves what would be the finest business card on the web, Luxe was our answer. 600gsm, Mohawk Superfine paper, and an optional colour seam through the middle. Luxe are the ultimate conversation starter.