KIYA Clippers for Men / $29



As soon as we tested KIYA’s black-carbon steel nail clippers, we understood the difference between a great nail clipper and a cheap carbon copy: A great one (that is, KIYA’s) works like a straight razor, cutting smoother, cleaner lines with more precision than the duller competitors. Turns out we’ve been settling for hack jobs all these years. For just a few bucks more, you can upgrade to the sharp-edged shears engineered by knife-smiths from Japan. Save yourself from subpar clippers and the ragged results.

3 Reasons to Love KIYA’s Black Steel Nail Clippers

  1. That steel though: Did we mention that KIYA is a Japanese knife manufacturer? We’d bet our bottom yen that there’s no sharper, stronger device for the task at hand. This thing will cut through your manly nails like a chef's knife through unagi, with little force required on the lever.
  2. Design meets function: Before getting started, tuck the tool into its plastic sheath, which will catch your clippings and make cleanup easy. You’ll find a file on the reverse of the steel lever, to help round out nails after each trim.
  3. Black is the new silver: Aesthetics are everything, and KIYA’s all-black everything is a smart differentiation from the dozens of silver clippers that look alike. (For this reason, it might be one of the few that is passable as a gift.)

(Original article from GQ)