Five Four Club

Great idea. Send a customer 4-5 items of clothing based on their preferences, provide a free return label for exchanges or size changes and have a stylist curate the box with the customer's personal style in mind. All this for $60/mo.


I for one have never used such a brush, it's soft, affordable and every three months a new tube of paste, AAA battery and a travel tube come via post.


There’s no shortage of productivity apps on the market, but many to-do apps end up overwhelming the user with the never-ending list of things to get done. Doo wants to help work you through your agenda, one item at a time.

Squarespace vs. Wordpress

These two cater to two different users. You're an artisan selling custom made wallets, Squarespace was meant for you, look at their site and you'll see what I'm taking about. If you want 50,000 hits per day on a tech blog, Wordpress is an obvious choice.

Way of Life

If you're a fan of I suggest you give serious consideration to Way of Life It is a much more rounded habit forming/breaking app. 

Upper Deck Lounge

Drinks, appetizers and entrées were necessity to display online as well as Squarespace’s event calendar as the pub has two musical acts and karaoke nights each week, speed and ease of input was paramount.