First Steps to De-Stress

Remember that your thoughts, feelings and behaviours affect each other. Change one and the others will change too.

Stress affects us all, whether it be work, money, health or love.

There was a time my biggest worry was an eBay delivery being late. Luckily my skin is a stress meter letting me know something is amiss. I spoke to a world famous fitness expert about personal issues over email (very nice he took the time. Thanks Mike) and his advice was spot on. Remove toxicity from your life, lower cortisol levels and by doing so – keep doing what you're going to be doing and it'll snowball, your stressors will be replaced by what's best for you. Easier said than done, but doable. Haven't done a cardio session in a month and surpassed the goal weight set for myself 3 years ago by 2lbs and now feeling more confident than ever. Having my trainer tell me my face looks sharper added even more confidence, hence 'snowballing'. This means changing mindsets manifested themselves physically. It's a powerful condition which can be debilitating if not dealt with. Once you diagnose problems and act on them the above passage will make much more sense. The same way stress causes stress only to exacerbate your condition creating even more stress. If you have a blemish, it's all you think about, thus making the blemish worse. Start with little small victories and it'll no doubt become a habit. If it works for yours truly, the drama queen it can work for anyone. I suggest reading the first article in the newsletter version by Warren Buffett about eventually letting go. Clean your living environment, buy plants, dress-up for a short trip to grocery store, forgive, it's all good.

Ever the perpetual nerd I used charts with Way of Life, diagnostic tools like Reporter and supplemented with 5-HTP along the way, including some hypnotism with I Can be Free.