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Each and every letter and space has a meaning, the history of great works and people’s marks have influence and perhaps why it took 5 years of iterations.

Losing the Last 10 Pounds

Losing the Last 10 Pounds

It was 2006, A&W in tow and I texted my friend Jamie “Be funny to get fat on purpose.” A chapter constantly in meetings, fast food, stress and eating out. I shot to 245lbs (195lbs now). Finding a pair of amazingly chic 5 year old Neil Barrett pants in the closet with tags still on sparked the decision to tone-up. Off to the races! I buckled down in July and to my surprise, changes were drastic…

Stats for past 40 days:

This 6 part series covers nutrition, beauty, supplementation, weights, fat loss and the effects of stress on the aforementioned. This is what worked for me.

Fat loss

I find joggers to look either obsessed or unhappy, apart from shiny neon clothing, it’s rather boring in my opinion. I wanted fun and effective. HIIT (High intensity interval training). I started hill-sprints (5 sets before breakfast or 10 sets in the afternoon with food energy). Learned I’m pretty fast! 3m:09s/km uphill.

Not bashing jogging as mentioned earlier, Gaining muscle is effective enough for fat loss, but sometimes prefer to visit the ducks while jogging around the local golf course. I'm sure one day I'll get attacked by a sord of mallards. To track progress try the app Human. Just don't go around murdering people because it tracks wherever you've been.


HIIT & Weight Loss

Study after study is confirming why high-intensity interval training is best for weight loss. Let’s look at why…

A Way to Get Fit & Have Fun
“We wanted to create a workout that could be employed by everyone, from the nonexperienced person to the elite athlete.”


Each small scoop provides the nutrient equivalent of 6 to 8 servings of fresh vegetables.

Fish oil
Quite essential. Should be consumed for the majority of your daily fat consumption.

Whey hydrolysate after cardio/weight training and ideally whey/casein mix to be used during the rest of the time.

Secondary for that extra push to burn fat is caffeine pillsL-Carnitine and Glutamine.

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The Email Email

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