Why does someone who started in logo design have such a plain logo?

Each and every letter and space has a meaning, the history of great works and people’s marks have influence and perhaps why it took 5 years of iterations.

Complain to Save Money

Complain to Save Money


Hope you all had a wonderful summer. Mine was quite transitional in every way, at some point I lost my usual flair for the absurd and it reflected in snoozeville writing. I’m back with my day-to-day quest to fill time creatively.

Today we’re going to cover how to complain to save money. In the last couple weeks I’ve cut $125 off my monthly bills and additionally fell ass-backwards into finding out how to get free shipping online. Not all shops but certainly with Clearly 100% of the time. Turns out cutting costs is easy, in fact call your phone company after reading this and tell them to cut costs on data, local minutes, value packs, etc... If you ho and hum many phone agents have $50 allowable credits to give for loyalty. In fact, Rogers seemed impressed with me “Hmmm, I see here you’ve received $400 in credits this year.” All you have to do is ask. I flirt.

Me: “Sooooo can you knock $100 off the new iPhone?"
Her: “Sir, it’s not even released; we can’t simply give discounts."
Me: “C’mon!"
Her: “How’s about I give you $100 off your next bill?"


Credit cards

Many of us are paying higher interest than we should be. Call and ask for a lower rate. EASY PEASY!
Also, make sure you get a points card. So far I’ve received $331 towards a new phone in the last 9 months. If I buy a coffee for $2.50, that evening I’ll put $5 back on the card, debit with a bonus essentially.

Mobile carriers

Including above, if the agent won’t budge, try with another tomorrow, if not, bring out the big guns, tell them the rival company tried to poach you. that saved me $150 in 2012 including a new competitive plan. BOOM!


Online shopping

Shop, add to cart, close your browser. A day later most retailers have advanced eCommerce sites that will email you informing you you forgot items in your cart accompanied with a free shipping coupon code. SOLID!


For having the nickname “Versace” I sure contrast that with coupon clipping. Checkout51 is my favourite app. You buy special items of the week, pasta sauce, mouthwash, etc… and you take a pic of your receipt, they confirm you bought the selected items and give you cash back. To date I’ve received $98.26 in cheques by mail. CHOICE!


Gym memberships

Gyms are especially susceptible to the savvy. My monthly dues went from $56/mo. to $21/mo. They’re full of loopholes to snag you, but you can reverse that. I quit, rejoined without towel service, took advantage of the no hassle cancellation within the first month, joined for a year to remove the non-contract initial fee, cancelled again and by that time their heads were spinning, yada yada yada, I pay a lot less. Unfortunately the “oh sweet Lord kill me now” smiles are still complimentary. CAPITAL!


I’m constantly finding ways to do this and will post them as they’re found. Hope some of this helped. Right now I'm not digging my internet bill, will let you know how it goes. 

I should add a work plug. If anyone needs coupon codes for my services, I have $10 off Google Apps for Work and 4 free months off Wordpress hosting. Contact me to take advantage.

Have a stupendous week/weekend!

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