Work Less, Play More

With productivity tools it becomes more a hassle with the learning curve. I've gone through the "treat my new iPhone as a time-killer" stage and some gems of apps make life easier affording us some independence from our mobile. After all, these days you look truly unique with your chin up, eyes forward walking down the street.

I'll talk about two apps, a to-do list and a notepad, the nerdy Jetson spawn of the gritty yet romantic Paul Newman pen and pad. No, using a stylus doesn't buy you middle-ground Milhouse.

Let's get pro... wait a sec ...ductive!

Syncing is king when it comes to a notepad or a to-do app, this is personal opinion as I like to write something down on my phone and it'll magically appear on my laptop, because as a single guy I too need the reminder of forgetting the milk when I get home.


Evernote is quite perfect. At its core it's a notepad which is stripped down. Auto save/sync to their website, desktop app and phone in seconds is what makes it convenient. What makes it a star is the features I don't use. Voice memos, camera, alarm, tagging and the list goes on. They recently had a security breach, and now I feel they are the most secure company as they'll only make the mistake once. I used to store all my passwords on it, but you can refer to lastweek's newsletter regarding that. Bottom line. I wrote this newsletter in Evernote because I'm feeling too lazy to sit up and use a keyboard like a human. If you'd like to read more refer to my site, or if you want to see funny pictures of cats, you can refer to my site.


Clear is a trendsetting app for design and usability. You'd have to look at their site to see the lack of features, but features done expertly. Way I figure, if I can write my grocery list during my day on the computer and once at the store I see on my phone I need Barlean's and the new Miley album, I'm set.