Why does someone who started in logo design have such a plain logo?

Each and every letter and space has a meaning, the history of great works and people’s marks have influence and perhaps why it took 5 years of iterations.

Failure and What to Make of It.

Failure and What to Make of It.

Not saying it’s easy but if you can align yourself to overcome obstacles by habit—failure will feel like a hurdle you best. 

Someone from my past walked-by reminding me how far I’ve come. Poetic as it was 6 months to the day I decided to change my career-path and life for the better. 

I could’ve let it get to me, but it didn’t because I chose to smile and wave. They would’ve not acknowledged my existence otherwise, so I smiled and waved. 

It goes to show you. If you fail, lose, get injured, it’s possible to get back up. 

Failure is a start of something. If you choose for it to affect your self-esteem and mood it will. Your road will be that of common failure. Work, relationships, whatever. I failed again last month and felt rattled for about an hour because it was huge. I’d be an idiot to not be shook but when I got outside, walked, all I wanted to do is perform better and convinced myself it happened for a reason. 

Your effort, doing the best, is what you can control. This is what you need to focus on.

Do your work. Do it well. Then ‘let go and let God.’ That’s all there needs to be. Recognition and rewards — ­those are just extra. Rejection, that’s on them, not on us.
— John Wooden

Do you want to be that shiny new car in the showroom, or the dirty high performance race proven GT?


Why should personal or professional failure be any different than achieving muscle failure in the gym? You come back stronger. 

There’s honour in rolling with the punches. Just don’t walk into them like Rocky.

Thanks for reading.

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