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Most media and news today spreads fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

We’ve all seen what happens to those who choose to consume that media… it doesn’t work out well.

We founded The Mission to fix that problem.

We publish stories, podcasts and videos to help smart people get smarter.

A new kind of media company.

We’re a new kind of media company and creative studio.

Our audience of millions trusts us to provide them with the best ways to upgrade their health, wealth, wisdom, tech, and careers.

  • We don’t spam them with garbage.

  • Free content. 

  • No silly popups.

  • No annoying pre-rolls.

  • No clickbait.

  • No third party ad servers.

  • No 20 click slideshows.

  • We only promote companies that we use, love and trust.

  • Every product or service that we feature we personally recommend to our community.


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