Any big plans for 2018? Came across a good article which could be translated into a resolution list. Joe Polish is the founder of GENIUS NETWORK, considered a top-tier of entrepreneurial masterminds.

Five Four Club

Great idea. Send a customer 4-5 items of clothing based on their preferences, provide a free return label for exchanges or size changes and have a stylist curate the box with the customer's personal style in mind. All this for $60/mo.

Way of Life

If you're a fan of chains.cc I suggest you give serious consideration to Way of Life It is a much more rounded habit forming/breaking app. 


April77 also called to culty garage punk band Dead Moon for an exclusive t-shirt that features its graphics on the reverse side of the garment — a signature DIY style that we’re starting to see more and more on the streets.


Clear is a trendsetting app for design and usability. You'd have to look at their site to see the lack of features, but features done expertly.