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Best Running App I've found

I've used a lot of running apps and stuck with Get Running for 3 years due to its simplicity. It worked fine, but with serious training and HealthKit integration, I went on the hunt.

Enter iSmoothRun. Simple it is not. When getting into interval training I needed something robust, and boy-oh-boy, this covers it all. I can write long-form, but check out the stars and reviews and decide for yourself.

When I saw it even takes shoe mileage into account I knew I need not look further.


  • GPS/Pedometer, indoors and outdoors
  • Heart Rate based training, support for all popular sensors
  • Swiss iOS8 design, M7/M8, HealthKit support
  • Cadence tracking and build in metronome
  • Most Powerful interval/workout editor and coaching
  • Bulk uploads to any site we support, don't have your data locked
  • Maps, graphs, statistics, and much much more
Legendary Tree Website

Legendary Tree Website

Menu Boards for Coca-Cola at the Q Centre Pt. 2

Menu Boards for Coca-Cola at the Q Centre Pt. 2