Why does someone who started in logo design have such a plain logo?

Each and every letter and space has a meaning, the history of great works and people’s marks have influence and perhaps why it took 5 years of iterations.

My Experience with Dropbox

My Experience with Dropbox

Imagine we had cloud services years ago when we’d lose our vacation photos by accident?

Up until a month go I was perfectly content with Dropbox ($9.95/1 TB), then I realized I had 20GB as part of my Adobe Creative Cloud Membership. giving me 20GB. That aside, I was looking for a Dropbox alternative due to how it was slowing down 3 of my computers. We'll tackle the issue.


This changed the way I worked with clients. I owe a lot to Dropbox. Now I could send development links instead of uploading to a temp site, emailing big .pdfs, etc… Earning 2GB per referral was nice too, almost became a game. To this day, I have 20 or so people crestfallen over my movie folder no longer being updated.

I was completely gaga over having my office computer sync to my home computer, me saving an Illustrator document only to have my colleague have a fresh version in his folder. Heaven.


  • Integration with everything like OSX, Squarespace, most team productivity tools, etc… This comes with being a global standard.
  • Live links, even .html instead of using a test server to send clients.


  • Slows computer down
  • Prone to sync loops where I've seen it sync for 2 days
  • Got to pay to play which is fair. 2GB for free, $9.95/1 TB

All-in-all, Dropbox is a necessary tool for cloud services, experience, longevity and ease make this a hallmark in a competitive industry.

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