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Hi, my name is Rishi Savera. I’ve been a freelance graphic designer for the past 14 years working with people like you in 7 countries.

This site is for you the client when facing the daunting task of hiring someone like me. I will show you when you'll need me, but you'll also learn the necessary tips and tricks to save you money and more importantly — have you sporting the finest product.

See who I get to work with


Aloyd Fitness
Apple a Day Financial
As Seen on TV
Cancer Fight Club
Catherine Ferguson, Mayor

Gentle Earth
Griffin Restoration
Halsey Financial Group
Jewish General Hospital

Popeye's Supplements
Sapphire Day Spa
Spank it Sports
Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS)

What I do


The job description would be Brand Development and all that entails.

Below are my weapons of choice.