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Marilyn Monroe — More Than a Beautiful Person

Marilyn Monroe — More Than a Beautiful Person

We can all learn from the courageous, yet misunderstood Marilyn Monroe. For those who loved her, she was amazingly smart and special. There's those few people in life we are fortunate enough to cross paths with. From the stories I've read and heard, she lit a room.

I’ve been on a calendar, but I’ve never been on time.

Her heartbreaking story was wrought with highs and lows, but anything you'd expect from her early life of having to marry her neighbour at 16 to get out of foster care, her caged-bird marriage to Joe DiMaggio, and the bout of depression while married to playwright Arthur Miller.


Must make an effort to do the following:

  • Take care of my instrument - personally and bodily (exercise)

  • If possible – take at least one university class in literature.

  • Keep looking around, only much more so, not only at myself, but everything. 


Regardless of that, for someone so lonely, to this day she is remembered more than world leaders and famous artists, and will continue to be for long as we have culture. A lot of this wasn't just because she was a pretty face. Her work ethic was important (apart from her being 3 hours late on set always, but rumour has it, when Sir Laurence Olivier told her to just look pretty instead of act, that's when she started arriving late just to stick it to him). When the studio asked her why she doesn't wake-up at 11am like the other young actors, she simply said "When opportunity knocks, I want to be prepared." Marilyn adhered to a specific list of rules.

I never saw anybody work so hard, But it wasn’t an easy ride. She did such a good job and personally, I think she stole the whole damn show. I just think she was thrown into a nest of vipers.
— Mitzi Gaynor

She was real, and to those who knew her Monroe was a devoted, if troubled, fragile actress who took her craft seriously. In interviews, they remember her as an exceptionally bright and determined woman with a sly sense of humor — a far cry from the sweet but dumb blondes she played on screen.

There's a lot of opinions about her looks/brains/esteem/demons, but with all those sides, she seemed more real than anyone around her.

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